The ancient battle begins

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Mint date 31/12/2022 - 21:00 UTC+2

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The Metamorphosis clothing e-shop opens. We offer 80% discount to all NFT Holders. All revenue will be donated to charities decided by the community

The Vampire collection is revealed and given away to all Werewolf NFT holders

You can now stake our NFT and buy our token. Staked NFTs will yield passive income based on their overall rarity. A fixed amount of tokens will be airdroped for free to all Metamorphosis NFT holders

It’s time to give back. 90% of all secondary sales will go towards various charities. We might be monsters but we are considerate monsters

The new Minting stage is here. While our first 2 collections were images, the third one is comprised by 250 high end production value 3d models, fully rigged to the default UE4 skeleton.

The Art

The highest quality NFTs on the market.



The Team

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